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Direct Asset Partners is an investment group focused on marketable securities, we seek to make our investments modeled upon the philosophy, resources and discipline that Direct Asset Partners has employed in its over 30 years of private equity investing. Direct Asset Partners’ investment activities are, we believe, complementary to Direct Asset Partners’ longstanding private equity business.

We focus on high quality companies that exhibit earnings sustainability and growth, taking positions in public securities, with a bias toward being long-term investors. In many cases, we view price fluctuations more as opportunities than as risks, accepting short-term volatility.

Direct Asset Partners’ assets under direct management have grown to nearly $6 billion, since launch, in 2007.

  • Equity

    Direct Asset Partners has a successful track-record of over thirty years as a leading private equity firm. Here is some more information about the company.

  • History

    Direct Asset Partners came together in the mid-1980’s, aiming to invest in growth businesses and to work closely with their managements.

  • Process

    When circumstances, internal or external to companies combine to depress their valuation, we take the opportunity to invest at such attractive valuations.

  • Strategy

    Only after it has been deeply researched, and it presents a compelling long-term return, does a company make its way into our portfolio.