Welcome To Direct Asset Partners

We work with managements of growing companies, to stimulate success, in the long-term.

Direct Asset Partners, a leading private investment company, has been successful over some thirty years, managing investments on behalf of institutional and private clients.  With almost $6 billion of capital invested directly in companies, and more than $11 billion of committed private equity capital through eight investment funds, we provide our clients with access to a range of investment opportunities worldwide.

Working with Direct Asset Partners, you can take advantage of:

  • • Experience gained from working intensively with many companies, private and public

  • • Access to resources in capital markets, to consulting, and governance,  and to strong partnerships with operating managers

  • • The winning team-experience and unbroken continuity of our investment staff

  • • Consistently superior returns on investment, is Direct Asset Partners’ commitment.

If you own a business, if you have a business proposal to discuss, or if you are looking for a business partner, please study Direct Asset Partners’ site and learn about us.  Contact us for expert consultation.

  • Equity

    Direct Asset Partners has a successful track-record of over thirty years as a leading private equity firm. Here is some more information about the company.

  • Investors

    We focus on high quality companies that exhibit earnings sustainability and growth, taking positions in public securities, with a bias toward being long-term investors.

  • Process

    When circumstances, internal or external to companies combine to depress their valuation, we take the opportunity to invest at such attractive valuations.

  • Strategy

    Only after it has been deeply researched, and it presents a compelling long-term return, does a company make its way into our portfolio.