Our Firm - Culture & Mission

Direct Asset Partners works to partner with management teams to increase the value of their businesses, and we seek to invest in great companies. To help us accomplish this goal. We have built a distinct culture based upon teamwork, shared values, analytical rigor and truth-seeking.

Our aim, on behalf of our investors, is to achieve superior long-term investment returns.

Our investment strategy has produced returns that have consistently ranked us in the top quartile of our industry for over 30 years. So, to realize the full potential of their companies, wise management teams form effective partnerships with Direct Asset Partners’ private equity business.

In Direct Asset Partners, to identify the highly attractive public securities investments, that can produce exceptional long-term returns, on both an absolute and relative basis, we harness our unique research focus, experience, and relationships.

Our actions are consistent with our unwavering core values:

  • • The highest ethical standards of fairness and honesty.

  • • In our investment process, logic-based judgments, open debate, and analytical thoroughness.

  • • Management team partners, outside capital sources and service providers, Direct Asset Partners enjoys enduring relationships with all of them.

  • • Consensus decision-making, inclusiveness and teamwork.

  • • Direct Asset Partners’ outstanding performance and culture is enhanced by the talented and long serving team we have attracted.

  • • Our staff, enriched by a balance of family, community service and other outside commitments, undergo continuous professional development.

  • Equity

    Direct Asset Partners has a successful track-record of over thirty years as a leading private equity firm. Here is some more information about the company.

  • Investors

    We focus on high quality companies that exhibit earnings sustainability and growth, taking positions in public securities, with a bias toward being long-term investors.

  • Process

    When circumstances, internal or external to companies combine to depress their valuation, we take the opportunity to invest at such attractive valuations.

  • Strategy

    Only after it has been deeply researched, and it presents a compelling long-term return, does a company make its way into our portfolio.